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It is important that Health Care Professionals have a great working relationship with their Personal Response Service provider.

At Safety Link, we provide a personal monitoring service of your clients through a simple to use quality service.  Our experienced and caring staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist. 

"My clients are important to me and I need to know that professional and caring staff are there to assist them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."
Safety Link is a simple and effective way for clients to keep connected with their family, friends, carers and others who can help them in an emergency.  It is a cost effective Medical Alarm System which can potentially reduce the need for after hours onsite / or on call staff.  This could ultimately reduce the costs of the care plan, freeing up funds to be spent elsewhere.

Safety Link has two main components

The personal pendant that is worn by the client, so they can push the button in case of an emergency...

... and the alarm unit that sits out of the way, and plugs into the telephone line (if available).

The personal pendant is a lightweight alarm button that can be worn around either the neck or the wrist.

The alarm unit plugs into the existing telephone system (if available). It also has a battery back-up, in case of power failure.

When the personal pendant is pressed, it sends a radio signal to the alarm unit.

When an alarm call is received at the response centre, one of our fully trained staff contacts the client to determine what action to take.

If the client doesn't answer, we then telephone people who have agreed to be a contact: a family member, a neighbour or a caregiver who can check on the client's well-being.

If no contact is available to help, a 24-hour emergency service is dispatched to the client's home.

All contacts must be well known to the client, as they need to have a key to the client's home.  As most 24-hour services will not hold keys, it is important that Safety Link be advised where a key is located.
So if you are associated with any of the following:

  • In-Home Support
  • Aged Care Package programs
  • NDIS
  • Worksafe/Workcover
  • Rehabilitation or Hospital in the Home
  • Occupational Therapists or a Health Care Provider

Safety Link invites you to talk to us about your client's needs in regard to 24/7 personal monitoring. We are flexible and can tailor our emergency response to your needs and that of your clients. Our referral form below can be used to refer your clients directly to Safety Link.

"Safety Link works in partnership with my case managers, care co-ordinators and organisation administration to ensure the best possible outcomes for my clients."

If you are interested in our service, contact us or call our Freecall number 1800 813 617. We can provide you with information packs at no cost to you so that you can keep your clients up to date with our service.

Our comprehensive list of brochures including an Application Form can be used to supply your clients with useful information regarding Safety Link. You can fill in our Application Form online to fast-track your client requests.

if you wish to refer a client to Safety Link, please use our fillable Referral Form or download and print our Referral Form.

For Department of Veterans' Affairs requests, please complete the DVA D9199 Assessment Form and forward to Safety Link by email to or fax to 1800 193 233.
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